Welcome to OWL Brightspace Instructor Support Site

To log in to OWL Brightspace, follow the steps outlined on the getting-started page. If you are unable to log in, please contact the WTS Helpdesk for assistance.

How to use this Site:
This help site was developed to provide basic information about accessing and getting started with OWL Brightspace from an instructional perspective. The resources on this site cover general settings located on the homepage, address frequently asked questions, and offer insights on how to enroll and unenroll users, alongside additional support available for instructors.

Navigating OWL Brightspace:
Click on “Navigating OWL Brightspace” for basic information about what to expect when you first log into OWL Brightspace.

How-Tos & FAQs:
Visit the “How-Tos and FAQs” section to see a list of common Brightspace questions with quick answers. If your question is not there, contact the WTS helpdesk OR visit the Brightspace Community. The Community is maintained by D2L, Brightspace's parent company, which means that the examples and some of the processes or steps will look different from Western's version of OWL Brightspace. 

OWL Brightspace Self-Guided Instructor Training:
We strongly suggest that users explore The Centre for Teaching and Learning’s self-guided training for anyone teaching or supporting a course, for example, instructors, course coordinators, grade admins, instructional designers and TAs.

Created using Brightspace, this training specifically supports Western and affiliate instructors who are moving from OWL Sakai to OWL Brightspace. This means that, in addition to the “how-tos” of using Brightspace, you’ll find information on how a learning tool or process might be the same or different from what you’re used to in OWL Sakai. It will also walk you through how to navigate any differences between the two learning management systems when creating your courses. While we encourage sequential completion of the training for effective course creation, modules are divided into different sections that address specific topics.

Additional Information:
We have also highlighted and provided detailed guides on some commonly used processes that have changed significantly with our move to Brightspace, such as Enrolling/Unenrolling Users, Roles & Permissions and Adding a non-Western person to your course site.

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